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. >> mitt romney? >> yeah. like it was never personal enough. >> well, i just remember talking to people very close to the president who said, who are they most afraid of? what candidate would they be most afraid of who could really give president obama a run for his money? it was jon huntsman. i guess republicans don't like winning either. i'm serious. >> the responsibility lies with the candidate to pull voters to him. and i will say in mitt romney's case -- >> yeah. >> -- mitt romney had 100 different sister soulja moments over the past three years he could have taken. when glen beck came out several years ago and called the president of the united states a racist who hated all white people, that would have been a great time -- and igsd said an the show -- to show he was distancing himself from the hate or extremism. >> or when he called that woman a slut. it would have cost mitt romney nothing to say something more forceful to rush at that moment and yet he refused to do that. it would have helped them. very weak. very weak. >> they make a couple of really big mistakes. one was that
not to get it, so to speak. their ratings would have gone down if mitt romney was president. >> yeah. >> when you consider that -- when you consider what they have to do is try to emulate what their base is feeling, i think that's what we're looking for here. >> stephanie: i was going to say, let's hope for rush limbaugh's sake that there is something that -- i guess the american people are going to like about being insulted every day now. you are all stupid -- >> well, that's the risk right? it's not just the insulting. it's if republicans do not work with president obama when, you know, this election was really about that and the president's efforts, the republicans still won't come to the table, i think that that is potentially -- you know, intent -- incredibly damaging for them in 2014. >> stephanie: right. we wish rush and glen with the whole america's suck for the next four years. >> this is showing me that the body of america is even sicker than i thought it was. >> i am fascinated by our country, because we have changed so rapidly. 12 years ago i could
there should be any exceptions to a full criminalization of abortion and neither did mitt romney. and so, yeah, the war on women absolutely cost them this election. and, you know, i hope that the leaders of the republican party have heard the message of the voters, but i worry that they haven't. and -- >> well, if they don't get it now, when are they going to get it? maybe never? >> maybe never. and we are going to continue to defeat them in election after election after election, until they do get it. the entire republican platform needs to change. i have never seen, honestly, such a viciously anti-woman set of policies as what is contained in republican platform. and frankly, until that changes, we'll be working to defeat candidates that uphold that kind of a platform. >> you know, even scott brown of massachusetts, considered a more mainstream republican, lost his race in that state last night. he voted for the blunt amendment and against paycheck fairness. shouldn't republicans take a hint? i mean, i hope they don't, seriously. because they're just going to be, eventually, cycle after cycl
. president? >> i'm sorry. yeah, yeah. what's up? >> mr. president, governor romney has just said that he killed osama bin laden. would you care to respond? >> no. you two go ahead. >> so tone changes this time around. >> exactly. everybody knows what it is. it's not -- some people -- i even heard some pundits say they feel the racial climate is even worse than it was before he got elected. the political climate. i don't know. i know that everybody is a lot looser now and we all know it's going back to normal. >> the al smith dinner, i think, showed that you could make fun of him on -- just look at all this redistribution opportunity out here. and everybody laughs because that's real. and then when romney says, oh, yeah, this is the way ann and i dress at home, you know, those are the kinds of things that i think are great in a campaign. those were the finest hours for both of them. >> absolutely. >> thank you for being with us this morning. we love having you. kch h catch him at the stress factory club this weekend. but i still . [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't work on runny
to the purveyor of bernard bernie goldberg. you say that the media did not defeat mitt romney but it did help president obama. explain that. >> yeah. were there reporters? a lot of reporters who were rooting for barack obama? no question. about mitt romney lose because of that. no, but no with a an asterisk. let's take one example that you used in talking points, benghazi. the media played down that story. if they had played it up. that could have been a big deal. that could have been a game changer. it could have swayed the election. but mitt romney didn't play it up either. he decided after the first presidential debate to play it safe. to run out the clock. bad strategy. and then the hurricane and the embrace with the governor and the president, lights out. but here is where the asterisk comes in and here is where the media did effect the election. when president obama -- when barack obama decided he wanted to run for president, the media decided they were going to fall in love with him. they were going to create an image of somebody who was bigger, better, different, smart
, first of all, how did the romney folks early on see this campaign? and how did they deal with this move by the obama team, even in the primaries, to come after him? >> yeah, well, fromthe very beginning when governor romney got tho spo this race he and his adviserred decide they wanted this to be a referendum on presidenpresident obama's stewaf the economy and they thought governor romney, given his years of experience in the private sector could present himself as the only republican sort of with the skills and upon-how and experience to turn around the economy and they were just going to hammer that message all year long. and, indeed, they did. but when the bain capital attacks came, the romney campaign was pretty prepared for them. you'll remember back in 1994, in his race against senator ted kennedy, dealt with a lot of these same attacks over his career at bain capital, over the layoffs and closure of a lot of factories that bain was investing in, so the romney campaign was prepared for those attacks but they did not expect they would happen in the context of the republican primar
today. they bought in anticipation of a romney win. they sell on a romney loss. most of my investors will say oh, yeah, hey, sure. let that run its course. i'm not going to sell my gap stores for target, right or wrong. however, i would rebut that we suddenly have a new word. the head of the european central bank mario draghi picked today of all days to say things have worsened dramatically in europe, including germany. that means there's a new sense of urgency to fix the europeanness and we're learning to be wary of the way europeans are going about their "bailouts." here's what the client would say. wait a second. we've been through this before. why do i have to take any action? come on, that's a fool's errand. you're just trying to churn me. i, with my broker hat on again would say, okay, sure, this, too, shall pass, i guess. but now let's talk about the fiscal cliff. oh, boy, hey, i know, fiscal cliff. let me just say i would immediately roll. you can feel that through the phone. they've heard it over and over. and i'm sure many other people on the line would say hey, come on, th
, and he has an enormous financial incentive for romney to win the election. then he goes on a "media" news outlet and says, yeah, yeah, take it off the bothered off the board. i haven't decided if i'm going to call it an election or not. here comes cable news history as he makes megyn kelly walk back to those who called the election for fox news. >> karl rove said we should figure out what the deal is, mngyn, i'll watch you go down to the steps to interview them. >> we were thinking this wouldn't be necessary. but, hmm as it turns out we'll do a little interrogation to see if they stand by their call. this is the decision desk. you tell me whether you stand by your call in ohio given the counts that karl rove raised. >> we're quite comfortable with the call in ohio. >> cenk: that was an awesome walk of shame. guess what happened at the end. turns out president obama won ohio and the election. oops? what now karl. so karl rove in the middle of the ring. who will land an elbow on top of his head? karl rove. why did you predict that romney would win the election when there was no basis for th
to the polls to build an early voting lead. >> you going to early vote? >> yeah. >> reporter: then there was the ad blitz that began this summer. >> we all just lost our jobs. >> reporter: defined mitt romney as an exploitative businessman unconcerned about the middle-class. >> hi, how are you? >> reporter: but jim messina said ultimately it was the face-to-face contact that sealed the deal. >> we invested in the grass-roots and for a year people said, you know, why are they spending so much money in these states and we were helping local people build a volunteer grass-roots army out there to talk to their friends. >> reporter: now, that kind of contact worked very well for the president with early voters here, scott, and it staked himtor a more than 200,000 vote lead in that category. >> pelley: it certainly worked, dean, thanks very much. all day long yesterday we were talking to voters as they left the polls all across the country. anthony mason is in studio 57. anthony, what did the voters tell us about why they voted the way they did? >> reporter: scott, the president bu
was your candidate that would have done better than romney? >> jeb bush. >> jeb bush. interesting. you're sort of an establishment republican. >> yeah, of course. i'm not a tea party. i will say though i think the tea party reaction was a reaction not to what bob was saying, but a reaction to big government, much of what -- >> you're -- okay. look, i think jeb is the best of that family in many ways but let me tell you something. it's not a bad family but he's certainly the best of them. let me tell you the problem with what you just said and guy away feehery. this is a dangerous thing you have given. one of my little speech notes i give when i talk to groups is just think about the country we're in. from the time i paid attention to politics in 1952 to 2004, the same three names showed up on every republican ticket, nixon, let's see, bush, then filling in the blanks, bob dole and back by popular demand in '96 bob dole. now you're saying the solution to the republican future is bush. it's a legacy. don't you broaden it out beyond the anglo-saxon names bush and dole and nixon. can't you
favorable toward investors. the other part of equation, melissa. melissa: yeah. >> as you know president obama has said very nice things about ben bernanke whereas mitt romney had basically said i'm going to fire that guy if i get elected. this probably means a continuation of this kind of easy money policy. one of the things that people might want to look at investing in, if we continuation of these really low interest rates and this flood of money is commodities like gold. melissa: yeah. that's a great point so at the end of the day, yes or no, best or worst, is this the worst lech ship for the stock market ever? >> ever? that was probably when herbert hoover was elected in 1989. this is not the -- 1928. this is not the can ideal outcome. who knows. maybe barack obama will learn the lesson, melissa from his first term and maybe he will actually govern from the middle. hope springs eternnal. melissa: yeah. no. >> give him the benefit of the doubt, come on! give him a honeymoon. melissa: he will govern from the middle. i can feel it. thanks, steve moore. thanks for coming on. >> thank yo
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this right. the -- mr. romney was soundly beaten both in the popular vote and the electoral college and the swing states that mattered the most? and it was all because of hurricane sandy? >> yeah, i think a less charitable person might be saying "and the dog ate my homework." in the 1980s, karl rove, a young political operative working in a democratic environment put together a memo. he explained how he was going to make the democrat ectexas political establishment a republican electoral gold mine, which he succeeded. in that memo, he wrote the words, when things are going badly, attack, attack, attack. that has always his motif. in this case, things went very, very badly, involving many very wealthy, very influential people, and his reaction is just attack the other guy. >> let me ask you this quickly. you've written two books, you know it very well d this tarnish the brand of karl rove? is this the beginning of the end of karl rover? >> it is not in my estimation the end of karl rove. remember in 2004 he was the hero, the architect who lifted george bush for reelection in difficul
overnight? what was the hangover today? >> yeah. that was the goofy thing and that's why i think blaming barack obama's re-election today kind of a red herring. i don't know anybody would put capital at risk hoping romney to win having it get blasted today. this is realization we'll still not get anything done. romney coming into office, let's say he did win the problems don't go away because mitt romney steps into the oval office. the problems are still there. the business community not having confidence in the congress and administration to put forward a growth oriented environnt. higher taxes are not big of a deal if we're growing the economy. e economy is growing what, 1.5%? melissa: sort of like the whole pallet of jokers that got us into this mess we put them all right back in. >> yeah. i mean other than, maybe a binder or two full of women being elected to congress which is nice thing that happened last night. thereeare still a lot of jokers in congress, frankly don't wantnt to work together. they're like a bunch of children fighting over toys melissa in a sandbox where nobody wan
no association with black people whatsoever. pretty much like mitt romney this year. i know they always find some black people say oh, yeah, this is somebody that i know -- [laughter] but the fact of the matter is that if you look at his career and the aides that he had when he was a senator, all of the things in terms of the history. john mccain had no association whatsoever. so when he ran for the presidency in 2008, black people were not even on his radar. the african-american vote -- it was basically off-limits. that was not possible to appeal to them. that was a mistake. a lot of publicly expressed racist sentiment and the attitudes that go with it -- a lot of that came from the fact that republicans all of a sudden decided that black people are off limits. so we can have -- we need to appeal black people. black people are religious and i know they don't like gay marriage and so forth -- let's go to ohio and go to churches and go to african-american leaders. let's appeal to those african-americans based upon our shared values. and also our shared values are against gay marriage. >> what impa
can do it this time while -- yeah. i haven't slept in two days. the point is you can do it on the top line and force negotiations. >> what i was going to say, with romney you can -- romney was out there saying, i do want to get rid of these loopholes. so that's on the table. that's a republican plan right now. you can lower the top line rates, eliminate the loopholes, and raise a bunch of money. everyone can get along. there's a space here to do it. >> anxious to see the role paul ryan is going to play. republican hand wringing. this sandy business, they've got to stop. is it getting a little absurd? >> they have to think over things. you have two warring camps. mcdonnell was confrontational. people are lining up behind him. what they lack is a leader, a leader who can step up. jeb bush might be able to do it, but there is no leader that can unite these camps. >> democrats, 1988. shameless plug. you first? >> my brother and his wife, my sister-in-law had a new child on election day morning. family is very happy. new nephew. >> very nice, and his name is ballot. >> my shameless plug is
on the gridlock in washington. plus the romney reckoning. what really went long? what's next for the former gop standard bearer? and today's question, president obama re-elected. what should be the first thing on his agenda? melons!!! oh yeah!! well that was uncalled for. folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy, ronny? happier than gallagher at a farmers' market. get happy. get geico. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >>> republican spin doctors and donors are racking their brains trying to figure out how things went so horribly wrong when it came down to their guy losing the white house. all this as president obama tries to work with the man he ultimately defeated. >> i am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together -- reducing our deficit, reforming our tax code, fixing our immigration system, freeing ourselves from foreign oil. we've got more work to do. >> so what does all this partisan sou
that effect. so yeah, we're going to hear a bunch of people with iqs lower than room temperature say that mitt romney lost because he wasn't conservative enough. but i think after republicans go through seven stages of grief and get, then they can get to a point where they can make some changes that they're going to need if they're going to be a party of the future. >> thanks charlie. let me at the charlie's remarks. appreciate you are here to listen to us, and we are trying to say something that is interesting and thoughtful and novel hours after the polls closed. i think charlie today. i hope i somehow come close to what he said. i really wanted to come out here, i really wanted to come out here and say, i just heard what charlie said, there is not one thing i agree with. is absolutely wrong about everything. because i never say that. we always agree. and i consider commander-in-chief thing i disagreed with him but the problem is, we are in general agreement her, general in sync on what happened. you know, politics are so much about expectations. and expectations change throughout the entire
is regulators say is okay. >> yeah. >> 3 billion buy back in the quarter. next quarter. >> checked with them. that's the stock that came down because romney lost and very hard to relate on the loss versus dividend increase and buy back but i think the overreaction in the banks was considerable yesterday. i look for them to stabilize. >> brings to mind an upgrade today. >> an upgrade of isi and they expect increased dividends and buybacks and every time they buy back shares, the intangible book value goes up. and bank of america was one of those stocks hit very, very hard within the financial sector in yesterday's selloff. down 7%. that was the steep decline. this call this morning, very bullish. $18 a share by 2015. >> i know. wow. >> 18 bucks. when's the last time it was $18? >> 2000. >> 2007. i don't know. >> i think it was -- went up there in 2010 before it slid down and senator-elect warren is an important figure in terms of getting headlines. she is compelling. she is able to make a lot of noise but she doesn't i think in the end control regulatory regime and put in place. she's just ab
that have no ability whatsoever in some of the exotic party. one-party -- yeah, we are going to hear a bunch of people with iq is lower than room temperature say that mitt romney lost because he was not conservative enough. but i think after republicans go through their seven stages of grief, they can get to a point where they can make some changes if they will be a party for the future. >> thank you, charlie. we enjoy being here. we're trying to say something that is interesting and thoughtful and novel hours after the polls close. i hope i come close to what he said. i really wanted to come out here, i really wanted to come out here and say -- i just heard what charlie said. there is not one thing i agree with. he is absolutely wrong about everything. i never said that. we always agree. [laughter] we are in general agreement on what happened. politics is so much about expectations. expectations changed out the cycle at various points. if i told the we were going into election day and it was a -- you would have been surprised. before the first presidential -- after bill clinton walked out o
, there is big distinction here now, you can raise revenue but don't touch the tax rates. >> yeah. bill: how would you do that? >> okay, you could do that by cutting some loopholes. obviously, with this new administration, you're not going to get tax rates cut. that was the romney plan, to raise revenues. so you could eliminate some loopholes, deductions, for example, as a way of bringing in more tax revenue. but you're right, bill, there is a key distinction between tax rates and raising revenues by cutting loopholes. bill: give me an example. what would that deduction be? >> suppose you narrow the mortgage interest deduction, just suppose, that is not necessarily on the table, just suppose you did that, millionaires can not deduct all of their mortgage interest. you can't do that. that would be a loophole which you could cut. that is not necessarily on the table but that is an example. bill: go ahead. >> the bottom line is, bill, tax revenues are very likely to go up one way or the other, they will go up, starting early next year. and plus, promises to cut spending later and don't care abo
bipartisanship, but there will be a lot of bloodletting also. >> blaise. >> yeah, and i just went happened because i do think president obama told us what his plan to do. i'm very curious what he plans to do. he told us he's not that romney, but did not give us what is going to do with the budget in the coming years. so i don't know. >> well, it's in our blueprint for what he tried to do with john boehner and is a very blueprint and the policies he has to consolidate them? i just don't buy the notion that we have no idea what is going to do. i think we have a pretty good idea. >> he didn't tell us. >> well, which he likened to say? spinnaker they can to tell us what he thinks that the budget and how to do it the fiscal cliff. >> well, now we are in that. so we'll see if he does that. i do think that romney told us that he would do with that either. >> i think you're right on that. we agree on that. >> model to me as health care reform, where barack obama never told us exactly what he wanted. he did do what bill clinton did and put a proposal on the table. i think that's what we're going to
Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)

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